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Incorrect command order ?

The page ask user to:

Confirm the contents of the ~/.task directory have been copied properly and then delete the original directory.

user $rm -rf ~/.task/
Next, copy the contents of ~/.task/hooks/ to the ~/.config/task/hooks/ directory:
user $cp -r ~/.task/hooks/* ~/.config/task/hooks/
That might be complicated :) ! You can't copy something that was previously removed.
I guess that needs to be:
user $cp -r ~/.local/share/task/hooks/* ~/.config/task/hooks/
Like this, the content of ~/.task, already copied into ~/.local/share/task/hooks could be pasted into ~/.config/task/hooks.
Kévin GASPARD DE RENEFORT (talk) 13:58, 15 April 2024 (UTC)

Contradictory sentence

Talk status
This discussion is done.

Hi Jeffery Gazso (JGaz) , could you take a look at this sentence? I'm sure you know better what this is supposed to say than I do:

Taskwarrior defaults to ~/.taskrc unless it detects the presence of ~./config/task/taskrc. If both are present it defaults to ~/.taskrc.

Waldo Lemmer 04:15, 20 April 2024 (UTC)

That was definitely clear as mud. I updated the text, please review it and let me know what you think. —JGaz (talk) 14:38, 20 April 2024 (UTC)
Much better, thank you. To be fair, Taskwarrior does have odd semantics in this regard. — Waldo Lemmer 17:15, 20 April 2024 (UTC)