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"Promote" "Scheduling policy" section to main configuration section

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From this, it seems to me that the instructions in the "Scheduling policy" section are now the main instructions to set Portage to be "nice". I'm thinking of replacing the "Configuration" section with the "Scheduling policy" section, and either dumping the old section, or renaming it to "alternative configuration" or something. Any thoughts ? tia.

-- Ris (talk) 10:27, 2 December 2022 (UTC)

The "Scheduling policy" section deals with PORTAGE_SCHEDULING_POLICY which sets the process scheduler which supersedes the POSIX PORTAGE_NICENESS. The following sections deal with the POSIX niceness but also mention the I/O scheduler using PORTAGE_IONICE_COMMAND. Those schedulers are disjoint, right? If so the article should be reworked to reflect setup of both - process and I/O - schedulers.
-- Yuri69 (talk) 09:59, 15 January 2023 (UTC)