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removed the stub tag

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This discussion is done as of 2023-06-07.

This page may not be complete or perfect yet but I think that is mature and developed enough to allow a user to get the package installed and working properly. Of course I'm no expert so if somebody thinks that it should be added, please go ahead; or mention things to improve and we all will work on it.

--Patomas (talk) 06:18, 8 November 2022 (UTC)

It has matured nicely of late as well! Thank you! --Maffblaster (talk) 04:24, 8 June 2023 (UTC)

/dev/kvm is inaccessible

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This discussion is still ongoing.
user $virt-host-validate
 QEMU: Checking if device /dev/kvm is accessible : FAIL (Check /dev/kvm is world writable or you are in a group that is allowed to access it)

/dev/kvm has group kvm, but this page doesn't say anything about adding the user to kvm. Is this step missing, or is this a polkit misconfiguration on my system?

Waldo Lemmer 17:21, 4 May 2024 (UTC)