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This discussion is still ongoing.

I thought this page could be used to provide some pointers to information on alternate configuration setups.

Things like using busybox mini udev ... the idea was prompted from this thread in the forums

I briefly tried switching back to static-dev on a desktop system, managed to get the system to boot and links to work using the framebuffer display. I unmerged eudev, udev-200, recompiled the kernel with devtmpfs disabled, rebooted and emerged static-dev, removed mdev from sysinit using rc-update and rebooted the system. I loaded modules for network card etc and was able to access the net using static IP information. The keyboard and ps2 mouse worked, but I would need to setup usb trackball and sound card. Switched back to mdev after that ... static-dev probably more useful for a server rather than a desktop ;-) ... jonathan183 — The preceding unsigned comment was added by jonathan183 (talkcontribs)