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Singular use of 'use' in introductory paragraph

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This discussion is done as of June 4, 2016.

Gentoo use the Bugzilla bug tracking system. There is a specific

should be:

  Gentoo uses the Bugzilla bug tracking system. There is a specific
No. Gentoo is plural in this case because we are more than one person using Bugzilla. We do not have any "You must use American English" rules for the wiki, so I'm keeping it. ː) Alexander (talk) 12:04, 4 June 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for the follow up :) It's not an American English rule (and I don't follow American English anyway), but Gentoo sounds like a proper noun which is singular. If it was "Gentoo users" or "Gentooligans" or something of the like, it'd make sense to use use. As far as I can understand, Gentoo in this context doesn't represent multiple people because Gentoo is still a singular project. Maybe "Gentoo projects use the Bugzilla bug tracking system" is more appropriate here. Just my $0.02! The final choice is yours of course :D - ashmew2

Hi. British English is a bit odd by convention. (And as far as I know, this applies to all types of British English.) The rule is that it is plural when you are referring to e.g. the members of an organisation instead of the organisation itself. In the case discussed here, both could technically be appropriate by the rule. But by *convention*, most almost exclusively use plural. So 'Manchester United are a great team', and 'The Beatles are a great band', even if you are clearly referring to the team/band as an organisation rather than to their members. It's odd, I know! So I'm keeping it, if for no other reason then because this is the way I personally write. :) But if anyone else *really* wants to change it, I won't object heavily.Alexander (talk) 12:22, 4 June 2016 (UTC)

Hi. Nice explanation. It makes sense now. And yes, it IS a bit odd :) /me drops the suggestion for changing use -> uses. I am closing this ticket. Thank you! - ashmew2

Gentoo Developer Handbook link is 404

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This discussion is done as of January 28, 2017.

Hi. This link is dead, open it return 404. Gentoo Developer Handbook(maintained by the 'Developer relations' project) -jenenliu

I migrated the old Developer Handbook to the wiki and have updated the link on this project page. Thanks, jenenliu ! Kind regards, --Maffblaster (talk) 03:42, 29 January 2018 (UTC)

Update Github information

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This discussion is still ongoing as of 2021-04-10.

It's mentioned that Github mirror is read-only, but actually pull requests are accepted.Nekun (talk) 17:38, 10 April 2021 (UTC)

Portage Docstring Specification Link is 404

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This discussion is still ongoing as of 2022-05-08.

Hi. This link is dead: Portage Docstring Specification — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Walker (talkcontribs) 2022-05-08