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  • Date: March 9
  • Time: 09:00-10:40 UTC
  • Place: #gentoo-meetings on Freenode IRC
When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: pesa, pinkbyte, yngwin, radio
  • Absent: hwoarang (announced), kensington (unannounced), wired (unannounced)

1. New contributors

Pinkbyte joined the team: welcome! Users radio and B-Man have expressed interest in joining as well. Pinkbyte expressed interest in keeping psi maintained, radio in pyside.

TODO We decided to make a page for new contributors on our wiki project space, with guidelines, best practices and links to documentation.

2. Qt5 progress

We still need to split off some apps from the existing ebuilds, and add some important modules. Also, a fix for bug #451456 is needed. We are targetting Qt 5.1, expected to be released in June, for inclusion into the main tree.

3. Overlay mirror

Team members were unanimous for using github as secondary mirror for the qt overlay, and retire our use of gitorious. We will use github's pull request feature as an easy way for users to contribute. Primary will remain, and bug reports remain at

4. Remaining TODO items from last time

See Project:Qt/Meeting/2013-01

  • qt4-build eclass implement l10n.eclass translation handling: TODO yngwin (low prio)
  • focuswriter elog: Yes check.png Done yngwin
  • psi version bump: Yes check.png Done psi 0.15 is in tree, psi+ snapshot is pending (low prio)
  • qtgui elog messages: TODO yngwin

5. Open bugs


  • bug #457050 - Let's see what toolchain & sparc teams have to say. Deadline in 2 weeks. Yes check.png Done
  • bug #433944 - Yes check.png Done Fixed by pesa. pinkbyte
  • bug #447368 - Need to investigate. TODO pesa (low prio)
  • bug #460886 - Yes check.png Done Code, that trigger errors was removed from eclass, thanks to pesa. pinkbyte

6. Open floor

The dev-qt category move went well, apart from a slight hickup with qthelp, and hwoarang's script not using --force on already broken packages. Some users complain about breakage, but refuse to file bugs...