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Gentoo Qt Project
Description The Qt project handles the Qt ebuilds available in Gentoo's portage and the qt overlay. It also maintains various Qt packages and libraries that don't have dedicated maintainers.
IRC Channel #gentoo-qt
Last elected: 2014/07/15
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
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We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:
Qt DeveloperWe need Gentoo developers to join our team. We have a wide range of packages, for all kinds of skill levels and interests.Being a Gentoo developer (or wanting to become one) who is interested in working with us on Qt libraries and
Qt Documentation EditorWe would like more detailed and up-to-date documentation (Qt FAQ, application user guides, etc.) on the Gentoo wiki.Language skills to write clear documentation. Knowing how to edit the
Qt Proxy MaintainerWe have quite a few packages in our herd, from simple to complicated, that could use a more dedicated pair of eyes to help us with maintenance. If you feel you don't have enough time to become a developer, you can help us out by adopting a package and becoming its maintainer by proxy.Having (or wanting to acquire) basic knowledge of writing and maintaining ebuilds, including usage of our portage tool repoman, as well as git for our overlay. A little time to keep up to date with upstream releases and bug

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