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  • Date: January 26
  • Time: 09:00-11:00 UTC (see this page for local times)
  • Place: #gentoo-meetings on Freenode IRC
When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: hwoarang, pesa, yngwin
  • Absent: kensington, wired

1. Qt5 progress update

  • ebuilds for all qtbase modules should be complete now
  • there are a few known bugs, most are fixable
  • bug 451456 could be a pita, since upstream is not interested in supporting to build qtbase modules entirely seperately
  • Yes check.png Done pesa opened Qt5 tracker bug
  • apps such as linguist and designer have slot collision; we decided to add blockers for now, and revisit making parallel install possible later
  • qtwebkit:5 has automagic deps, help to fix that is welcome

2. Qt category move

  • taking into consideration the feedback on naming the new qt category on the gentoo-dev mailing list, we decided to go for dev-qt
  • feedback from dev ml was also strongly in favour of keeping the qt-* prefix on packages, but we decided to go with qt* instead of qt-*, since that is what upstream uses.
  • the new category will be exclusively for modules from upstream's Qt Framework, not for third-party add-ons or related libs
  • moving Qt4 involves more work, but makes sense
  • yngwin will make a plan for the move, which will be announced on dev ml Yes check.png Done
  • if necessary we will ask infra to suspend cvs to rsync mirroring until the move is complete Yes check.png Done
  • hwoarang will find out how many files/packages will need to be edited Yes check.png Done
  • timeline for move to be confirmed, weekend of Feb 9/10 was suggested (but Chinese New Year then) => postponed to the first weekend of March
  • x11-libs/qt-assistant -> dev-qt/qthelp
  • x11-libs/qt-qt3support -> dev-qt/qt3support
  • x11-libs/qt-meta -> dev-qt/qt-meta (since this is not an upstream module, follow gentoo -meta convention)

3. Remaining TODO items from last time

See Project:Qt/Meeting/2012-12

  • Qt5: package the toolwrapper (pesa): no upstream release yet, can wait
  • qt4-r2.eclass translation handling move to l10n.eclass TODO yngwin: low prio, sometime in next 4 weeks
  • 444262: avidemux - mask the package, but keep both 2.5 and 2.6 in tree (hwoarang): Yes check.png Done by yngwin, and contacted by user interested in maintaining
  • 347707: photivo - can we get a snapshot into official tree? (hwoarang) - Yes check.png Done already
  • 442414: app-editors/focuswriter - who wants to add an elog? TODO yngwin: hope to do within a week
  • 410911: net-im/psi-0.15 version bump: TODO yngwin, since pesa has no time for this
  • 269110: new ebuild app-text/coolreader3 - in qt overlay now, see if it's ready to add release ebuild - Yes check.png Done yngwin: not ready (fontrendering), use alternatives
  • 440584: x11-libs/qt-gui: some elog messages should only be shown when upgrading from an old enough package - TODO yngwin (low priority): see if new readme eclass can be applied here
  • yngwin to write recruitment announcement: Yes check.png Done March 2

4. Open bugs


5. Open floor

  • let's revisit open bug list after the category move