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  • 2012-01-26
  • 2000 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

1. Qt 4.8

2. Minor arches and Qt >= 4.7

Qt 4.7.x (and probably 4.8 too) has major issues on exotic arches (alpha, hppa, ia64, sparc) and Nokia don't seem interested in them. HPPA is probably the only one fixable by us for now (patch in bug [#367583](, but what should we do with the others?

3. Overlay migration to

Set date for migration and send an announcement about it.

4. Open bugs

This bug is blocking Qt 4.7.4 stabilization on arm.

Pesa had a quick look at opensuse patches but didn't find anything that seemed related to the crash.

The bug itself is invalid IMHO, but why are we passing absolute paths to `make_desktop_entry`?

Do we want to add that as an optional PDEPEND controlled by `gnome` USE flag? What about gnome 3?

Environment pollution, can't reproduce, but anyway why do we use `$LIBDIR` instead of `get_libdir()` internally in that function?

See Meeting 2011-04-07.