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This document describes the computers that are available to Gentoo developers specifically for development purposes.


This document describes the computers that are available to Gentoo developers for the specific purpose of developing Gentoo. Most often, this is just a way to get access to different architectures or fast build machines. Many hosts are provided by developers themselves and thus maintained by them. This page exists only to help developers locate the admins of specific boxes for gaining access. Specific implementation is left up to the maintainer (who is often the owner of the machine).

Development boxes

Arch DNS Contact CPU RAM Misc
alpha Tobias Klausmann 4xEV68AL 833MHz 8G AlphaServer ES40 w/6x18GB,6x72GB HD
amd64 Agostino Sarubbo 4 core amd64 Ganeti VM 4G 100G
arm Mike Frysinger StrongARM110 ~275MHz 128M Netwinder w/40G HD
arm Robin Johnson Feroceon MV78100-A1 @ 1Ghz 4G (3G usable) Marvell DB-78100-BP-A1 w/ 160G HD; Donated by Marvell ; IPv6-accessible only
arm Mike Frysinger Exynos 5250 Dual Core 1.7GHz 2G Samsung Arm Chromebook w/64G mmc
hppa Mike Frysinger PA8600 552MHz 3G C3600 w/50G HD
ia64 Mike Frysinger 2 x Itanium 2 dual core 1.6GHz 16G HP Integrity rx3600; Supported by HP !
mips Mike Frysinger ICT Loongson-3A V0.5 quad core 1GHz 2G Lemote Spark 3A 6100 Desktop w/320GB HD; donated by Google !
ppc/ppc64 Anthony G. Basile POWER8 12 x 3.4GHz QEMU/KVM guest 24G Suitable for big endian ppc(32) and ppc64 testing.
ppc64 Anthony G. Basile POWER8 12 x 3.4GHz QEMU/KVM guest 24G Suitable for little endian ppc64le testing.
s390 Mike Frysinger 2 x IBM/S390 z10 2G 23 GiB; System for building/testing s390 packages and stages; Supported by Marist College!
s390x Mike Frysinger 2 x IBM/S390x z10 2G 23 GiB; System for building/testing s390x packages and stages; Supported by Marist College!
sh Mike Frysinger SuperH4 266MHz 64M LanTANK SH4 (SH7751R) w/200G HD
sparc Ben Kohler 8-core UltraSPARC T1 @ 1.2 Ghz 16G Sun Fire T2000; Donated by Jack Morgan; general dev box
sparc Ben Kohler 8-core UltraSPARC T1 @ 1.2 Ghz 8G Sun Fire T2000; Donated by Jack Morgan; releng autobuild box


Please check hosts for SSHFP DNS records provided via secure DNSSEC first. This table may be out of date.

Host SSH Key (ECDSA) SSH Key (RSA) SSH Key (ED25519)
monolith.alpha b7:54:90:47:dd:e1:97:01:f1:40:42:56:ef:c9:7c:e4 47:d9:52:cb:48:4b:18:80:18:76:69:fc:04:e4:2b:31
devbox.amd64 c1:8e:43:b4:f0:3e:bd:ae:86:af:a4:79:82:21:63:58 a3:c4:5f:9a:ff:17:d9:d0:07:90:7b:19:44:65:66:94
coral.arm 45:6d:f7:38:83:a2:ca:87:35:95:77:11:ea:cc:5e:cc
mv78100.arm 1b:43:1d:c2:e8:b8:9a:14:61:c8:5c:b9:d7:4e:84:7d
polyp.arm 86:a1:57:d8:90:af:39:32:ea:7e:06:bb:72:3a:8f:b0 94:4a:98:79:93:5b:a9:51:2e:9a:34:11:a5:74:d9:7e
hake.hppa 8a:98:cf:49:ec:59:e8:ea:41:2b:ee:af:1d:0f:d5:ba 5a:6a:ba:14:e2:a3:0c:4a:2e:6b:63:0d:f2:db:1b:3f d4:f6:70:14:5a:ab:95:02:de:0f:a7:3d:49:c1:a9:a7
guppy.ia64 0d:74:52:fc:0a:a2:72:bc:cf:aa:7c:7e:d1:e1:af:fd 39:b4:57:40:ee:67:29:e9:27:98:c3:2d:cb:22:c1:24 80:7d:c9:02:a2:0c:f5:99:f5:6b:67:f1:0d:14:de:5c
fulong-spark.mips64 0a:75:9e:79:aa:4a:65:f3:d1:4f:05:ad:bd:65:6b:43 1f:02:98:8c:18:40:90:ee:cf:d5:37:29:e7:2f:c5:b3 da:ab:88:04:42:26:04:b4:6a:d4:00:1f:6c:1e:11:63
timberdoodle.ppc 9d:f2:64:b5:23:3e:e1:83:f7:fd:e3:f6:93:bd:91:2f e1:97:f2:41:fe:f8:cc:2a:20:a1:b5:bb:7e:f4:23:7a 72:12:a5:81:3e:65:fa:9a:2e:0a:95:27:d8:11:cb:6a
bogsucker.ppc 7e:33:3e:21:ec:69:58:2b:12:c7:28:1e:87:49:f7:0a 47:35:d6:dc:a3:24:66:38:ac:8a:8e:3d:f9:67:69:57 30:e6:84:d4:d2:c5:da:d4:3d:82:b2:a8:17:6c:33:18
lgentoo3.s390 d9:cc:65:7c:20:2a:40:6e:74:be:7e:a8:3d:1f:87:ee 4d:52:83:cc:52:a7:79:7a:6c:3b:af:d9:77:ad:c9:10 c1:73:5b:ba:f5:6c:7c:51:0c:5f:ae:ac:8d:04:34:1f
lgentoo4.s390x 68:5d:e9:56:f0:53:c5:c3:8a:78:b1:ad:9d:66:9b:d1 c4:af:58:24:b0:fa:9a:14:57:48:9e:c0:74:b6:e2:59 39:4b:6f:71:c8:67:1d:66:28:c7:30:ee:91:14:6c:23 22:fd:a1:94:a0:f8:82:ee:3f:25:19:95:13:5e:ce:b8
bender.sparc SHA256:gvTlhnK6gGZh3LVQhqM5JUQ0iOFiZoXhA8DTAKY9cwE SHA256:xzCFDKFQyobWrvVuUP7Ervg1qd8gwnBBN/quwuhbznc SHA256:Dbmpb9SS/0hp7/bL+WMmqQ+Od4N2jdioPaWVhpRNJ8E
MD5:1e:b9:66:66:62:7e:c0:81:d1:ea:7d:b1:42:12:0a:4e MD5:f1:81:00:75:47:57:0a:41:f0:4c:c0:8a:2a:82:f0:44 MD5:3c:f7:9c:14:f2:a3:1f:7c:59:4a:47:c8:db:b3:98:fe
totoro.sparc SHA256:Uqk7qxw4scX1T5GJb6Pi8KAo1d0gTbJ5CA2F9B61pV4 SHA256:2LXtCoWXQY8/UfyGkQ40M/a/hQp5gXhyLf8G1sX/uqs SHA256:sf9VXB1QDbJKJenKP6ccT03g7L1aZTr4E9LmMx4jiBA
MD5:f7:4e:60:d2:4f:71:91:9d:15:ce:19:9c:33:36:20:20 MD5:bf:6e:75:7f:e5:77:70:82:53:e8:9d:8f:a7:09:cf:93 MD5:ef:8a:a8:fe:60:84:3f:88:27:d2:bb:cc:b0:0d:57:0d

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