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This page is dedicated to secure password generation, auditing of generated passwords for security, and management of existing passwords.

Password generators



root #emerge --ask app-admin/apg


user $apg

Apg's default settings do not enforce usage of uppercase letters, numbers or symbols.

Use to following command to generate an extremely secure password:

user $apg -M CNS -m 165


app-admin/makepasswd is a random password generator.


app-admin/passook is a password generator capable of generating pronounceable and/or secure passwords.


app-admin/pwgen is a password generator.


app-admin/ranpwd generates random passwords using the in-kernel cryptographically secure random number generator.

Password managers

These passwords are extremely random and difficult to remember, therefore a password manager should be employed.


x11-misc/fpm2 is a GTK password manager utility with password generator.


app-crypt/gorilla is a Password Safe clone for Linux. It stores passwords in secure way with GUI interface.


app-admin/keepass is a light-weight password management system. KeePass depends on Mono.


app-admin/keepassxc is a fork of KeePassX that aims to incorporate stalled pull requests, features, and bug fixes that have never made it into the main KeePassX repository.


app-admin/pass stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely using app-crypt/gnupg, app-admin/pwgen, and dev-vcs/git.

The password store (or pass) is a simple shell script, which provides commands for conveniently storing passwords in separated PGP encrypted files, temporally copying a password to clipboard, and tracking changes using git. It realizes password management in respect to the Unix philosophy.

There's also a GUI client, a Firefox plugin, and an iOS interface.

For further details visit the project's homepage.


app-misc/pwsafe is a command-line password manager compatible with Password Safe.


Revelation is a password management system for GNOME. It is also possibly suitable for non GNOME users.

root #emerge --ask x11-misc/revelation


app-misc/tkpasman is a useful and reliable personal password manager written in Tcl/Tk.