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Gentoo provides several tools for managing network connections. If you have emerged OpenRc without network support, i.e. with both USE flags netifrc and newnet disabled, you might need to set up a network manager such as net-misc/netifrc, net-misc/dhcpcd, net-misc/wicd, net-misc/networkmanager, or net-misc/badvpn. Or, you have the option of emerging openrc with the newnet use flag and configuring /etc/conf.d/network and /etc/conf.d/staticroute if you only use static interfaces.[1]

The solutions listed here typically do not work together. Be sure only one of these services is running at a time. Starting more than one network management service will lead to unpredictable results!
Name Package Description
Netifrc net-misc/netifrc Gentoo's own network configuration scripts, split from OpenRC
Network management using DHCPCD net-misc/dhcpcd explains how to use dhcpcd for complete network stack management
NetworkManager net-misc/networkmanager a network management software for Ethernet, Wifi, DSL, dialup, VPN, WiMAX, and mobile broadband network connections
OpenRC[newnet] sys-apps/openrc The newnet USE flag enables the new network stack (experimental)
Wicd net-misc/wicd a network management software for managing Wifi and Ethernet network connections

The easiest to use is dhcpcd. It has perfect integration for wpa_supplicant and automatically switches between wired and wireless connections. In case of using dhcpcd as network manager, the USE flags netifrc and newnet may be deactivated in OpenRC.

FILE /etc/portage/package.useDisabling netifrc and newnet
sys-apps/openrc -netifrc -newnet

Gentoo's standard however for network management is using Gentoo net.* scripts aka netifrc.

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