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iwd (iNet Wireless Daemon) is an up-and-coming wireless daemon for Linux. It is written by Intel and aims to replace wpa_supplicant.



Security Options --->
	[*] Enable access key retention support
		[*] Diffie-Hellman operations on retained keys

Cryptographic API  --->
	[*] Diffie-Hellman algorithm
	[*] DES and Triple DES EDE cipher algorithms
	[*] User-space interface for symmetric key cipher algorithms

USE flags

USE flags for net-wireless/iwd Wireless daemon for linux

client Enable iwctl client tool
monitor Enable iwmon monitor tool
ofono Enable support for oFono SIM authentication
wired Enable ethernet authentication daemon


Install net-wireless/iwd package:

root #emerge --ask net-wireless/iwd



Add the iwd daemon to the default runlevel and start it up:

root #rc-update add iwd default
root #rc-service iwd start

Connecting to an access point

iwctl can be used to control iwd. It supports both a command line interface and an interactive mode. A complete command line would be iwctl station list to see what adapters you might be able to use:

user $iwctl station list
                            Devices in Station Mode
  Name                State          Scanning
  wlan0               disconnected

An interactive sequence of iwctl commands can be used to connect to a WiFi network access point. First check the status of the WiFi network interface, set it in scanning mode if needed, and then obtain the list of WiFi access points. Finally connect to the access point.

user $iwctl station wlan0 show
# station wlan0 show
                                 Station: wlan0
  Settable  Property            Value
            Scanning            no
            State               disconnected

# station wlan0 scan
# station wlan0 get-networks
                               Available networks
    Network name                    Security  Signal
    FRITZ!Box 7362 SL               psk       ***
    WLAN-105127                     psk       *

# station wlan0 connect "FRITZ!Box 7362 SL"
Type the network passphrase for FRITZ!Box 7362 SL psk.

See also

  • Wifi — describes the setup of a WiFi (wireless) network device.
  • Wpa_supplicant — a wifi supplicant to handle network authentication.