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This article provides a list of some VPN options available in Gentoo Linux.

Available software

This is just a partial selection of packages available, see p.g.o/categories/net-vpn, or use eix (eix --category net-vpn), for more packages from the Gentoo repository.

Name Package Description
Hamachi net-vpn/logmein-hamachi Cross platform VPN tunneling engine.
I2P net-vpn/i2p Invisible Internet Project, an anonymous network. Similar to Tor, I2P is internal, focusing on providing anonymous services within the network.
libreswan net-vpn/libreswan IPsec implementation for Linux, fork of Openswan.
OpenVPN net-vpn/openvpn Open Virtual Private Network that enables the creation of secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections.
strongSwan net-vpn/strongswan IPsec-based VPN solution, supporting IKEv1/IKEv2 and MOBIKE.
Tinc net-vpn/tinc VPN daemon using tunneling and encryption.
Tor net-vpn/tor Tor is an onion routing Internet anonymity system.
vpnc net-vpn/vpnc VPNC is a IPsec (Cisco/Juniper) VPN concentrator client to manage secure connections.
WireGuard net-vpn/wireguard-tools Modern, simple, and secure VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.

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