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This page is a translated version of the page Handbook:Parts/Installation/Bootloader and the translation is 100% complete.

Readers should not try to follow instructions directly from the Handbook:Parts namespace (which is THIS page!). The sections displayed below are used as a skeleton for transcluding information into the computer architecture specific handbooks and are therefore lacking critical information.

Please visit the Handbook list to read instructions for a relevant computer architecture.
Parts Handbook
About the installation
Choosing the media
Configuring the network
Preparing the disks
The stage file
Installing base system
Configuring the kernel
Configuring the system
Installing tools
Configuring the bootloader
Working with Gentoo
Portage introduction
USE flags
Portage features
Initscript system
Environment variables
Working with Portage
Files and directories
Mixing software branches
Additional tools
Custom package repository
Advanced features
OpenRC network configuration
Getting started
Advanced configuration
Modular networking
Adding functionality
Dynamic management

Placeholder for architecture-specific bootloader installation

Reiniciar el sistema

Salga del entorno chroot y desmonte todas las particiones que continúen montadas. Luego escriba la orden mágica da inicio a la auténtica prueba final: reboot.

(chroot) livecd #exit
livecd~#umount -l /mnt/gentoo/dev{/shm,/pts,}
livecd~#umount -R /mnt/gentoo

¡No olvide retirar la imagen live, de lo contrario puede ser arrancada de nuevo en lugar del sistema Gentoo recién instalado!

Una vez reiniciado en el nuevo entorno Gentoo, es aconsejable finalizar con Finalizando la instalación de Gentoo.