Google Summer of Code/2023/Ideas/netifrc modernization

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netifrc modernization

What should the future of Gentoo networking configuration be? Explore potential improvements within the aegis of netifrc & other network configuration systems.

Can all of netifrc configurations be represented by systemd-networkd, netplan or other systems? Can other network configuration systems successfully integrate in all variations of Gentoo init systems (openrc, systemd, epoch, runit).

Contacts Required Skills
  • shell scripting
  • client-side network configuration
  • ability to read C of other projects (netplan & systemd-networkd are written in C)
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes


  • Comparative documentation on network configuration: HOWTO do $X in each network configuration system
  • Recommendations on future network configuration for Gentoo systems
  • Code as needed to reach parity between netifrc and other network configuration systems
Project Difficulty