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Chemnitz Linux Days 2022-03-12 and 2022-03-13

Most visitors are native German speakers, but can communicate in English very well too. Additionally there will be international guests, who do not speak German at all, but will communicate at the booth in English.

Screenshot of the Gentoo booth at the CLT Adventure 2022

Virtual Gentoo booth

Login to the CLT Workadventure Map:

Pool of helping hands


Who is when at the booth?
Time Saturday 2022-03-12 Sunday 2022-03-13
09:30-10:00 holgersson holgersson
10:00-11:00 holgersson holgersson
11:00-12:00 ulm ulm
12:00-13:00 ulm ulm
13:00-14:00 holgersson Example
14:00-15:00 holgersson Example
15:00-16:00 holgersson Example
16:00-17:00 adeliktas adeliktas
17:00-18:00 ulm Example
18:00-19:00 ulm Example

What to do at the booth?

  • Answer questions
  • Be available, if there is a question you can not answer, redirect to others. "Larry will be back in 30 min. he can tell more about this."
  • Optionally provide small workshops at the booth
  • simply be nice

Info board


Timeline what happened so far

Todo List

  • Create nice clipart (32x32px tiles) for the workadventure map
  • Make schedule (~2 weeks before event)
  • Translate Etherpad and copy here
  • Invite international supporters
  • Advertise


The conference will take place in the workadventure 2d-world with booths and places to meet and discuss and scheduled talks.