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Hi, I’m holgersson, naming myself after Selma Lagerlöf’s Nils Holgersson. Feel free to contact me via wiki pages, E-Mail or IRC at freenode (as holgersson there, aswell). The last way is preferred.

The following will be a structure and overview for myself.


Crosscompiling in General

  status: 2016-08-26
  - numerous pages, mostly outdated, handbook seems up to date and working

[ ] Chroot article may mention cross chroot arcticles

[ ] One major Crosscompile arcticle for overview

[ ] subpage for cross chroot + container

[ ] subpage for crosscompiling with crossdev

[ ] link to distcc

[ ] distcc subpage for crosscompiling

[ ] OpenRC#Chroot_support


  status: 2016-08-26

[ ] Add info about IDE-less arduino core libs from ::ssnb


[ ] Update PulseAudio#Headless_server