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These are just personal notes, please ignore this page.

editing tips/guidelines that are important to follow

  • Please fill in an edit summary that describes what what an edit has done to an article, and why.
  • Edits should preferably be short, so that glancing over the recent changes and the edit summary can give an idea of the reasoning behind them, for other editors.
  • It is usually preferable to make one edit per section at a time, if possible.
  • An ideal edit often has a specific impetus to it, and makes clear in what way it makes things better. Other editors need to be able to understand why things were changed, to be able to decide if an edit should be kept or not.
  • Only tick the minor edit box for very small changes that can't reasonably need any further work, such as fixing links, punctuation, or typos. See edit summary for more information.