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The setup steps of machizero is highly inspired by the Gentoo Linux amd64 Handbook, the Sakaki's EFI Install Guide, and the Fearedbliss's Installing Gentoo Linux On ZFS. The commons, deviations, and options of choices will be explicitly annotated between the steps.

Installation Steps Collation
machizero Gentoo amd64 Handbook Sakaki's LUKS Guide Fearedbliss's ZFS Guide
Installation Prerequisites From 1) Introduction
until 8) Manual network configuration
From 1) Installation Prerequisites
until 4) Setting Up Networking and Connecting via ssh
on raw disks
From 9) Introduction to block devices
until 12) Partitioning the disk with MBR for BIOS / legacy boot
5) Preparing the LUKS-LVM Filesystem and Boot USB Key
ZFS mirror From 13) Creating file systems
until 14) Mounting the root partition
Within 5) Preparing the LUKS-LVM Filesystem and Boot USB Key
Section 5-8) Formatting and Mounting the LVM Logical Volumes (LVs)
Install Gentoo From 15) Installing a stage tarball
until 43) Rebooting the system
From 6) Installing the Gentoo Stage 3 Files
until 9) Final Preparations and Reboot into EFI
  1. Installation Prerequisites. Encryption is a double edged sword. It adds confidentiality to our system. Yet it is easy to render our data unrecoverable if not handled correctly. In this section there are some examples to get familiar with LUKS and ZFS. There are also some tests for performance. And gather necessary information to start the installation process.
  2. LUKS on raw disks.
  3. ZFS mirror
  4. Install Gentoo
  5. Wayland
  6. KDE Plasma
  7. LXD
  8. LAMP