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midnite (pronounced /ˈmɪd.naɪt/ same as midnight) is the digital identity of andy, made in Hong Kong, connected to Hong Kong, ‘n’ currently based in Hong Kong.

andy (on Earth)
midnite (in the digital world)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong #a
Hong Kong
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Credit goes to his old friend, Wing, who introduced Gentoo Linux to midnite in 2006. Over the following years, midnite researches on Gentoo Linux on and off. midnite becomes a full time Gentoo Linux user since 2022.

User info
Gentoo user since 2006
User info
Gentoo user since 2022


» zandiro

zandiro (currently under construction), embraces the belief that machines should work for humans, not vice versa. It houses a variety of innovative services and productivity systems, promoting the concept of “Digi less, Live more”.

» » machizero

machizero is the main computer operating system under the umbrella of zandiro (currently under construction), powered by Gentoo Linux. It is the cornerstone of (almost) all zandiro applications. The followings are the essential aspects of the machizero, not one less.


POSIX Compliant Shell Script Notes


a. Hong Kong is not yet a country.