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Here's a draft table comparing own repository, Sunrise and proxy-maint.

Own repository Sunrise (discontinued) Proxy-maint
Audience users who explicitly add your repository users who explicitly add Sunrise repository all Gentoo users
Commit mode direct commit access direct commit after IRC review to the development repo, then Gentoo dev merges it to the public repo Gentoo dev merges your changes (pull request or patch workflow)
Maintainer status up to the owner no explicit maintainers possible explicit maintainer status
Packages accepted any packages only packages not in ::gentoo, reasonably working/maintained new or existing packages, reasonably working/maintained
Stable packages? up to the owner only ~arch accepted maintainer can request stabilization
Gentoo-provided QA most basic failure checks via the CI service, other up to the owner review by the Sunrise project team full review by proxy-maint team and/or other devs + pkgcheck-based CI