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This section is intended as an addition to Project:Proxy_Maintainers

How Proxy Maintainership Works

When you're assigned as proxy-maintainer, not much initially happens.

Your Name, and contact details will be injected into the metadata.xml of the package you've claimed the maintainership of.

For example:

               <name>A. U. Thor</name>
               <description>Proxy-Maintainer. Assign bugs to him</description>

This means when a user files a bug on the relevant package, you'll be assigned/cc'd the bug, so you'll get an email about the bug.

Then, your job is to resolve the bug as best as you see fit.

Resolving Bugs

If the resolution of the bug requires new ebuilds and patches ( after checking the new ebuilds via the standards laid out by the dev manual, and checking them with repoman ), then simply attach the solution files to the bug.

Once the solution files are attached, it may be helpful to add to the CC list if is not already done so.

Then a helpful member of the Gentoo dev team will hopefully eventually see the solution, and double check it for consistency prior to committing it to tree.

Initiating Updates

If you, as proxy maintainer see that theres an available upstream update, you may wish to initiate the update yourself.

To do this, simply file a bug on the relevant package as you would if you were simply a user, and then simply attach relevant ebuilds and patches on the newly opened bug ( again, doing as much as you can to make the work for the final commiter as little as possible, ensuring quality work )