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This article has mostly been replaced with the official WIP documentation at Project:Toolchain/23.0 update instructions which is a safer way to switch for those wanting to test early. This article now just lists common traps a user may face when switching to now what to do when things go wrong.


By default 23.0 uses merge-usr on all profiles unless using a split-usr profile which is the opposite of the default behavior in 17.1 profiles. This means the system needs to be migrated to merge-usr.

root #emerge --ask sys-apps/merge-usr
root #merge-usr --dryrun

If there are no issues then run the command without --dryrun otherwise these need to be solved first.

root #merge-usr

Update System

musl libc users need to update to version 1.2.4 before going further.

Finally the system can be updated so all the changes can take effect a before the toolchain docs.