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The Oryx Pro is a customizable laptop sold by System76. Among other features, it has dedicated graphics with an RTX 3070 (as of early 2022), a 1080p 144Hz display (15" or 17"), and System76's fork of coreboot.

Notable quirks

  • The laptop does not have support for PXE/network booting. Therefore, some external bootable media (e.g. flash drive) is likely necessary for installing Gentoo.


X Server Freezing

When the dedicated GPU is under a very light load (as is usually the case on first startup or after closing graphics-intensive programs), the X server can lock up entirely. When this happens, the laptop will no longer respond to user input, but it is still possible to manage it remotely. A power savings issue is suspected to be the cause of this freeze.

A potential workaround exists in system76-power. At time of writing, there is no ebuild available for this software, so it has to be set up manually.

Clone the repo:

user $git clone && cd system76-power

Build and install:

user $make
root #make install
"make install" will install some systemd-specific service files. The command will print the paths to said files, should you want to investigate or remove them.

Before starting X, run the daemon:

root #system76-power daemon

Enable NVIDIA-exclusive rendering and, optionally, switch to the "Performance" power profile:

root #system76-power graphics nvidia
root #system76-power profile performance

To make life a bit easier, one can write OpenRC scripts to automate this:

FILE /etc/init.d/system76-power

name="system76-power daemon"
description="System76 power daemon"
FILE /etc/init.d/system76-power-nvidia

name="system76-power nvidia"
description="system76-power nvidia"

    /usr/bin/system76-power graphics nvidia
FILE /etc/init.d/system76-power-nvidia

name="system76-power performance"
description="system76-power performance"

    /usr/bin/system76-power profile performance

Screen Tearing