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Hi, I'm gig. I started running Gentoo in 2020. I have a friend that loved to talk about it, and out of boredom one day, I decided that I wanted to suffer alongside him. Now it's my main distro.

You can find me on the Libera IRC network with the nick "gig". Feel free to hit me up.

I've ran Gentoo on the following devices, in very rough chronological order:

  1. Thinkpad X230T
  2. System76 Serval WS
  3. Some HP ZBook workstation, I don't remember the exact model
  4. Some overpowered Dell PowerEdge server, I don't remember the exact model
  5. System76 Oryx Pro
  6. Google Pixelbook

Helpful commands

Looking for a package to maintain? This will show you any orphaned packages you currently have installed:

user $sort <(portageq --orphaned) <(qlist -Iv) | uniq -d