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/usr/src/linux/.config Sections

# Automatically generated file; DO NOT EDIT.
# Linux/x86 5.18.19-gentoo Kernel Configuration

* General setup
    * IRQ subsystem
    * Timers subsystem
    * BPF subsystem
    * CPU/Task time and stats accounting
    * RCU Subsystem
    * Scheduler features
 * Kernel Performance Events And Counters
 * 64-bit kernel
* Processor type and features
    * Performance monitoring
* Power management and ACPI options
    * CPU Frequency scaling
    * CPU frequency scaling drivers
      shared options
    * CPU Idle
    * Bus options (PCI etc.)
      Binary Emulations
* General architecture-dependent options
    * GCOV-based kernel profiling
* Partition Types
    * IO Schedulers
* Executable file formats
* Memory Management options
  Data Access Monitoring
* Networking options
    * Core Netfilter Configuration
    * Xtables combined modules
    * Xtables targets
    * Xtables matches
    * IP: Netfilter Configuration
    * IPv6: Netfilter Configuration
    * Queueing/Scheduling
    * Classification
    * Network testing
* Device Drivers
      PCI controller drivers
      DesignWare PCI Core Support
      Mobiveil PCIe Core Support
      Cadence PCIe controllers support
      PCI Endpoint
      PCI switch controller drivers
    * Generic Driver Options
    * Firmware loader
      Bus devices
      Firmware Drivers
      ARM System Control and Management Interface Protocol
    * EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) Support
      Tegra firmware driver
    * Protocols
    * NVME Support
      Misc devices
      EEPROM support
      Texas Instruments shared transport line discipline
    * SCSI device support
    * SCSI support type (disk, tape, CD-ROM)
    * SCSI Transports
    * Controllers with non-SFF native interface
    * SFF controllers with custom DMA interface
    * SATA SFF controllers with BMDMA
      PATA SFF controllers with BMDMA
      PIO-only SFF controllers
    * Generic fallback / legacy drivers
      IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support
    * PCS device drivers
      Host-side USB support is needed for USB Network Adapter support
      Wireless WAN
    * Input device support
    * Userland interfaces
    * Input Device Drivers
    * Hardware I/O ports
    * Character devices
    * Serial drivers
    * Non-8250 serial port support
    * I2C support
      I2C Hardware Bus support
    * PC SMBus host controller drivers
    * ACPI drivers
      I2C system bus drivers (mostly embedded / system-on-chip)
      External I2C/SMBus adapter drivers
      Other I2C/SMBus bus drivers
    * PTP clock support
    * Enable PHYLIB and NETWORK_PHY_TIMESTAMPING to see the additional clocks.
    * Native drivers
      Intel thermal drivers
      ACPI INT340X thermal drivers
    * Multifunction device drivers
      CONFIG_REGULATOR is not set
      CONFIG_RC_CORE is not set
      CEC support
      CONFIG_MEDIA_SUPPORT is not set
    * Graphics support
      I2C encoder or helper chips
      ARM devices
      ACP (Audio CoProcessor) Configuration
    * Display Engine Configuration
    * Display Panels
    * Display Interface Bridges
    * Frame buffer Devices
    * Frame buffer hardware drivers
    * Backlight & LCD device support
    * Console display driver support
    * HD-Audio
    * HID support
      Special HID drivers
    * USB HID support
      USB HID Boot Protocol drivers
      I2C HID support
      Intel ISH HID support
    * AMD SFH HID Support
    * Miscellaneous USB options
    * USB Host Controller Drivers
      USB Device Class drivers
      USB Imaging devices
    * USB port drivers
      USB Miscellaneous drivers
    * USB Physical Layer drivers
    * MMC/SD/SDIO Host Controller Drivers
      LED drivers
    * Flash and Torch LED drivers
    * LED Triggers
    * Simple LED drivers
    * RTC interfaces
      I2C RTC drivers
    * SPI RTC drivers
      SPI and I2C RTC drivers
    * Platform RTC drivers
      on-CPU RTC drivers
      HID Sensor RTC drivers
    * DMA Devices
      DMA Clients
    * DMABUF options
    * Microsoft Hyper-V guest support
    * Clock Source drivers
    * Generic IOMMU Pagetable Support
      Remoteproc drivers
      Rpmsg drivers
      SOC (System On Chip) specific Drivers
      Amlogic SoC drivers
      Broadcom SoC drivers
      NXP/Freescale QorIQ SoC drivers
      i.MX SoC drivers
      Enable LiteX SoC Builder specific drivers
      Qualcomm SoC drivers
      Xilinx SoC drivers
      IRQ chip support
    * PHY Subsystem
      PHY drivers for Broadcom platforms
      Performance monitor support
      HW tracing support
    * TEE drivers
* File systems
  * Caches
  * CD-ROM/DVD Filesystems
  * DOS/FAT/EXFAT/NT Filesystems
  * Pseudo filesystems
* Security options
    * Kernel hardening options
        * Memory initialization
* Crypto core or helper
    * Public-key cryptography
    * Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data
    * Block modes
    * Hash modes
    * Digest
    * Ciphers
    * Compression
    * Random Number Generation
    * Certificates for signature checking
* Library routines
    * Crypto library routines
* Kernel hacking
    * printk and dmesg options
    * Compile-time checks and compiler options
    * Generic Kernel Debugging Instruments
      Networking Debugging
    * Memory Debugging
    * Debug Oops, Lockups and Hangs
    * Scheduler Debugging
    * Lock Debugging (spinlocks, mutexes, etc...)
    * Debug kernel data structures
    * RCU Debugging
    * x86 Debugging
    * Kernel Testing and Coverage
* Gentoo Linux
* Support for init systems, system and service managers