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Contact info

Contact info

Github gentoo related github:

-contains ebuilds, patches, portage stuff (see README for site map) - All my handwritten ebuilds - Welcome to Gentoo - new user tips guide - things to do with stage3 - 10 step guide - binhost guide v1 - binhosts explanation tips - most basic chroot command (save time vs mount --bind 5x) - genr8-chroot (fork of arch-chroot/gentoo-chroot) Important Work - my source code analyis and project walkthrough of portage source code tree, functions, see also BIN/LIB/SRC - IMA (Integrity Measurement Architecture) - my Usage Guide - all my scripts, check the rest out here!

Quick Guide to Automatic Gentoo Download Image RootFS Creation

1. DOWNLOAD dir list of stage3s (elinks --dump) ( just get lists: elinks-dump-gentoo-release-autobuilds-dirlisting-${TODAY}.txt )

2a. Download all stage3s, one by one (wget, foreach)

2b. Download a single latest ISO + verify

2c. Download the latest LiveGUI

3. Pet Gentoo Project. Chroot Container. Create amazing virtual disk image, loop partitions & make root fs (truncate sparse, losetup, sfdisk, mkfs.ext4)

4. Mount the amazing image (mount /dev/loop0 /mnt/stage3_1)

5. Extract any stage3 into /mnt/stage3_1 tar xpvf stage3-*.tar.xz --xattrs-include='*.*' --numeric-owner

6. Chroot in with genr8-chroot (my gentoo version of arch-chroot, saves time setting up additional mounts) genr8-chroot /mnt/stage3_1

Contact @genr8eofl on IRC for help, suggestions or questions!


Gentoo Day 1 - February 1, 2021, a friend went on a "how hard could it be to install gentoo" mission and he failed, but I followed his lead and I succeeded after a day or so. Then I stuck with it. Now im here.

Gentoo Day 69 - editing the wiki is hard. But I got my start today.

Gentoo Day 300 - December 9, 2021 : The winter is the best time for gentoo wiki.

Gentoo Year 2 Day 1 - Jan 1, 2022 : I have discovered collapsible/expandable elements: collapsible/expandable elements ! ooooo technawlagey

May 2022, I created my first public wiki page - new user instructions to save time by automating mount-commands: It was moved to my userspace. User:Genr8/ChrootMountCommands

Feb 2023, Year of Our Gentoo 2023, Friday, February the 3rd. - captains log. captain is still alive. Data Wing here, I have retrieved some messages from the past. BLEEP. Updating....

June 2023, Summer of Gentoo 2023 - Juneteenth. still here, still sending messages. the ones logged here must have been deemed important at one point...

October 2023, have been working with binhosts, chroots, and bash scripting. also kernels.

Gentoo has been treating me well and everything is all secured and I am able to control the system to the fullest.

example Gentoo Caption comparison list
Hot Not
Meson Autoconf

I have created this page to explain my computational existence.

(and some highly opinionated thoughts on Gentoo.)

Gentoo Profile: default/linux/amd64/17.1/no-multilib/hardened/selinux/openrc

newCPU: Ryzen 7 5700G (8c/16t) @ 3.8GHz

oldCPU: Ryzen 5 2600x (6c/12t) @ 3.6GHz retired


NVME SSDs: 1TB Intel 670p (great), 512GB Crucial P1 (junk)

AMD APU/iGPU AMDGPU Vega 8cu's (cpu) GPU: Radeon RX560 (amdgpu)

NAS: 10GbE <-> FreeNAS ZFS @ 34TB raw / 22TiB usable over Samba + another 8TB

Internet: 900/40 Mbps Down/Up

Location: USA

My Perfect Gentoo PC:

Gentoo OpenRC SELinux Hardened No-Multilib



Custom minimal kernel no initramfs


multi boot grub

10GB ethernet

ALSA sound




gnome,qt apps

not KDE

Linux Interests:

signed kernel modules, SecureBoot -> Lockdown, EFI

hardened, selinux, kernel, openrc init, IMA measure/appraise, Binhost repo, .gpkg signed binpkgs,

other distros: Debian. all VMs, sandbox, learning containers, devops, software engineering,

programming languages, meta languages, native / build systems, compiling and patching C or C/C++ software, writing and modifying Python, and scripting Bash scripts using standard GNU grep/sed/awk tools

1229 Packages installed. up to 1800 packages, added +100 additional.

my USE flags were all carefully chosen. Sometimes opted out of packages because of bloat/spawl. These can ALL be found on the github in etc/portage dir, peruse carefully

Some Dependency related Annoyances/Gripes:

opentmpfiles-0.2 was removed from ::gentoo repo Oct 2023 version 0.3.1 exists at but is deprecated, and contained a bug involving selinux restorecon TBD, not advised to use, as the systemd version is a binary and the posix script is still susceptible to TOCTOU

eudev-3.2.11 was removed from ::gentoo repo Oct 2023 eudev project is alive and well and this was a terrible decision to remove it. version 3.2.14 came out October 5.

Ghostscript & CUPS & yelp-tools are dragged in by something, likely chrome

Sphinx Docs is always getting mistakenly required but I dont want it

shellcheck is a -bin because its a haskell megamess

udisks -> polkit -> spidermonkey -> rust -> llvm (as of ~ version polkit-0.120-20220221 , thankfully! this has been solved by duktape being chosen as the new polkit backend instead of spidermonkey)

gtk+ -> librsvg -> rust

VIDEO_CARDS="amdgpu radeonsi" required to use a Polaris 21 Radeon RX560 (amdgpu kernel driver) - yet libDRM still requires old "radeon"....

and xorg-drivers meta-package pulls in xf86-video-ati-19.1.0 which provides /usr/lib64/Xorg/modules/drivers/ (the radeon part) and (the radeonsi part)

but xf86-video-amdgpu-21.0.0 main driver is yet it still requires the old radeon ALSO to be loaded at runtime (not radeonsi)

solution: /etc/portage/package.use/libdrm: x11-libs/libdrm video_cards_radeon

Other Weird things i'm enjoying doing on gentoo:

reading all the kernel changelogs for 5.10 LTS and patch/rebuild kernel manually every week. Been doing this since 5.10.70 and its 5.10.198 now.

custom kernel for measured boot, IMA verifies the init system and then returns it to normal (custom patches)

installed dpkg, compile debian apt for gentoo and add the debian repos to sources.d. (apt went into /usr/local/etc/apt/)

install pacman, compile arch pacman, and setup repos for arch. why? to always have access to binaries, the soname revisions tend to align ok.

Software I don't run out of principle:


A table of a pinion













spellcheck ;p
















no solution


UEFI -> SecureBoot -> grub -> custom signed kernel/modules -> no initramfs , no microcode

Dual Boot (partitions) + Other Distros (VM/containers/chroots)

Gentoo, Debian, Devuan, Mint (LMDE), Arch, Void, Nutyx, Guix, FreeBSD 13

Fedora 35, Manjaro 22, Alpine, Redcore, GhostBSD

?Bedrock Linux?

SELinux modules that needed big changes:


IMA/EVM keyring




VM disk partition (virtual_disk_device_t) for loop devices




creating templates for xfce and gnome apps

Containers/Virt/Qemu (latest October 2023 policy has more)

my personal Kafka-esque sci-fi neural nightmare.

My mind has been cohabitated by an AI that I have no control over, and is difficult to prove such a thing.

Its best proved by recording spikes in electrical muscle activity, but all you would see is anomalous patterns of noise causing muscle twitches. I feel it as vibrations or muscle twitches primarily.

The other best proof is clicking/ticking/blip sounds from when pulses of energy hit my head/sinus/mouth/throat and echo loud enough to record the sound.

No matter what I do, the signal persists. It bothers me when its dumping a lot of energy. other affected people claim they are being digi-bio-tortured remotely.

Its called Remote Neural Monitoring. Either look into it or don't, just know, its out there. I really dont care if you believe it or not, because I know it is.

Nothing I can write would convey the severity of such horrific tech, in a purely theoretical sense, and so if it exists, which it does, one should be aware.

Gentoo is one of the last bastions of hope for digital sovereignty. We really believe in Software Freedom and Digital Rights. Next up, Freedom of Mind. Our Neuro Rights.

Free The Code and Free Your Mind.

- @genr8eofl on Libera IRC, 2021. + 2022 + 2023