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I'm making my author page as inspired from User:Maffblaster's page. I found his page because I noticed there are some instructions pages on this wiki for installing Gentoo Linux on a few different models of Macbook Pro.

These pages are lonely in that there is no "Base page" to organize them. I found this information using Special:WhatLinksHere as in Special:WhatLinksHere/Apple_Macbook_Pro_Retina or Special:WhatLinksHere/Apple Macbook Pro Retina (early 2013).

I have a MacBook Pro 5,4 (15-inch, Mid 2009) with a different configuration that I would like to document, and I'm not sure where to put this new page, so I followed in User:Maffblaster's footsteps and will list the model from my page as my own hardware. However, perhaps in the future it would be better to have an "Apple base page" that links to the different guides for different models. I could use some advice as to whether a page already exists I can expand off of for installing Gentoo Linux on specific devices.



  • MacBook Pro 5,4 (15-inch, Mid 2009)