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Application Package Homepage Description
ampache www-apps/ampache Ampache is a PHP-based tool for managing, updating and playing audio files via a web interface.
b2evolution www-apps/b2evolution Multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.
Bugzilla www-apps/bugzilla Bugzilla is the Bug-Tracking System from the Mozilla project.
cgit www-apps/cgit A fast web-interface for git repositories.
coppermine www-apps/coppermine Web picture gallery written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
cvsweb www-apps/cvsweb WWW interface to a CVS tree
dokuwiki www-apps/dokuwiki DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki aimed at a small company's documentation needs.
dragonflycms www-apps/dragonflycms A feature-rich open source content management system based off of PHP-Nuke 6.5
Drupal www-apps/drupal PHP-based open-source platform and content management system.
egroupware www-apps/egroupware Web-based GroupWare suite.
eyeos www-apps/eyeos AJAX web-based desktop environment.
groupoffice www-apps/groupoffice Group-Office is a powerful modular Intranet application framework.
Joomla www-apps/joomla Joomla is a powerful Open Source Content Management System.
mantisbt www-apps/mantisbt PHP/MySQL/Web based bugtracking system.
MediaWiki www-apps/mediawiki The MediaWiki wiki web application (as used on
mirmon www-apps/mirmon Simple webapp to monitor the status of mirrors.
Moodle www-apps/moodle The Moodle Course Management System.
mythweb www-apps/mythweb PHP scripts intended to manage MythTV from a web browser.
Nextcloud www-apps/nextcloud Web-based personal cloud that runs on your own server.
otrs www-apps/otrs OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System.
Owncloud www-apps/owncloud Web-based storage application where all your data is under your own control.
phpBB www-apps/phpBB phpBB is an open-source bulletin board package.
phpmp www-apps/phpmp phpMp is a client program for Music Player Daemon (mpd).
phpsysinfo www-apps/phpsysinfo phpSysInfo is a nice package that will display your system stats via PHP.
postfixadmin www-apps/postfixadmin Web Based Management tool for Postfix style virtual domains and users.
rutorrent www-apps/rutorrent ruTorrent is a front-end for the popular Bittorrent client rTorrent.
trac www-apps/trac Trac is a minimalistic web-based project management, wiki and bug/issue tracking system.
tt-rss www-apps/tt-rss Tiny Tiny RSS - A web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator using AJAX.
venus www-apps/venus A feed aggregator application.
viewvc www-apps/viewvc ViewVC, a web interface to CVS and Subversion.
wiliki www-apps/wiliki WiLiKi is a lightweight Wiki engine written in and running on Gauche Scheme.
WordPress www-apps/wordpress Wordpress php and mysql based content management system (CMS).