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cgit is a hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C. Cgit makes it possible for potential contributors to track and view project source code using a web interface.


USE flags

USE flags for www-apps/cgit a fast web-interface for git repositories

doc Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
highlight Enable source code highlighting
lua Enable support for Lua scripting
test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
vhosts Add support for installing web-based applications into a virtual-hosting environment

cgit can be managed using webapp-config if the vhosts USE flag is enabled. Without vhosts USE flag set, cgit will be installed in the default path of the used web server.


root #emerge --ask www-apps/cgit

After installation some post-install instructions should be visible in the output from the install command. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding to use cgit.

Additional software

cgit depends upon a web server. Choose one of the listed web servers available in gentoo portage:

After the installation and configuration of a web server is finished, continue with the cgit configuration process.


Environment variables



  • /etc/cgitrc - The global configuration file. This is used to modifying settings for all users.
  • /etc/cgitrepos - (optional) additional cgit generated repository list file

Cron (optional)

This method will generate a file /etc/cgitrepos using a local directory path.

Adjust the --scan-tree= path in the below command, to match the directory path to the git repositories:

root #/usr/share/webapps/cgit/*/hostroot/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi --scan-tree=/PATH/TO/REPOSITORY > /etc/cgitrepos

Append a include statement include=/etc/cgitrepos at the end of the /etc/cgitrc configuration file.

FILE /etc/cgitrc
include /etc/cgitrepos

Add a cron job to schedule repository list generation every 24 hours:

FILE /etc/cron.daily/cgitrepos
/usr/share/webapps/cgit/*/hostroot/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi --scan-tree=/PATH/TO/REPOSITORY > /etc/cgitrepos

Make the script executable, by setting +x bit:

root #chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/cgitrepos


Issue 1

cgit has been build using the vhost USE flag, and configured as Apache vhost (virtual named host). Following files are not displayed in the browser:

  • cgit.css
  • cgit.png
  • favicon.ico

The file robots.txt is ignored too. The application has wrong paths settings.

Add Alias'es for the missing files in the virtual host configuration file:

FILE /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/cgit.*_vhost.include
Alias /cgit.css     /var/www/cgit/htdocs/cgit/cgit.css
Alias /cgit.png     /var/www/cgit/htdocs/cgit/cgit.png
Alias /favicon.ico  /var/www/cgit/htdocs/cgit/favicon.ico
Alias /robots.txt   /var/www/cgit/htdocs/cgit/robots.txt
ScriptAlias / "/var/www/cgit/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi/"

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