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task (Taskwarrior) is a TODO list manager for the command line written in C++. It uses a simple human readable text file format to store TODO list items and associated metadata.



root #emerge --ask app-misc/task

Environment variables

By default Taskwarrior does not respect XDG paths and will place dot files in locations other than ~/.local and ~/.config.

  • TASKRC allows the user to relocate the .taskrc configuration file to a desired directory.
  • TASKDATA allows the user to relocate the .task data file to a desired directory.


  • ~/.taskrc — Local (per user) configuration file.
  • ~/.task — Local (per user) task list.


By itself, Taskwarrior is a single device application allowing all users on the device to have their own personal tasks lists. However, taskserver provides for a server-based back end to task warrior via app-misc/taskd to add multi-device support. Some smartphone applications, notably Foreground for Android, have begun to support this.



root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose app-misc/task