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I completely agree with the premise behind this page - the current Gentoo Handbook is completely focused around OpenRC. I wouldn't usually care, but I am currently trying to install GNOME on my desktop - requiring systemd.

I'm not exactly an expert, so I found that getting systemd installed was somewhat difficult. I had to have three different pages open at once - this one, the systemd wiki page, and the handbook.

This page was useful, although is there anything stopping us from updating the respective gentoo handbooks to include how-to's for systemd? Like I said, I'm pretty much a noob (this is my first post) so not sure how the document structure works.

I'm happy to contribute where I am able, but may need a bit more experience before I can be really useful.

Addition: I should have specified before - I couldn't get genkernel-next to emerge on my AMD64 Gentoo (Dell Optiplex GX620). I went through the manual configuration process (which, to be honest I prefer - I'm kinda a control freak). I see from the genkernel-next site [[1]] that this package is not in stable version on several architectures. It would be good for us to add in at the "genkernel-next" point that users may be forced to do manual config as per the gentoo handbooks

Static IP

There is a todo for this article about configuring a static IP address. What is the reasoning for that? It's not required for systemd or Gnome3 and is covered in other wiki articles. I propose that this todo be removed. Any discussion?