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This discussion is still ongoing as of 2018-05-03.

I find the NetworkManager way to enable Wake-on-LAN really helpful.

Also, I wanted to add that using Systemd link file /etc/systemd/network/ works, but affected interfaces won't take new names from eth* to enp*. If you know how to fix it, you could add that info too.

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This discussion is still ongoing.

WOL stopped working for me when kernel updated to 5.4.28 (from 4.19.97). Nothing was resetting the wol state to "g" and it was always going to "d". The /etc/conf.d/net line had no effect.

After some digging around, found a solution using /etc/local.d

 # echo "ethtool -s enp5s0 wol g" >/etc/local.d/wol.start  (enp5s0 is the n/w adaptor name)
 # chmod +x /etc/local.d/wol.start

The wol.start script runs when the service starts and rearms the wol state.

Wjb (talk) 12:19, 3 April 2020 (UTC) wjb