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Minetest's default use flag, no luajit, why ?

Hello, knowing this page is a stub, I need to ask something, would help me to improve this page as well, later :).

Is someone aware why luajit isn't set as default for compiling minetest ?

I know the implementation are not the same, and it leaded to a nasty crash, see this bugs:

Long story-short, a bad math in the mod mineclonia would lead to crash when hitting mobs and animals, only with mineclonia. But this bugs is not here with the different implementation of luajit't math library, where it does not crash. Was confirmed by several test in my case (please see the bug report above).

So, and since luajit is faster at runtime, why not using by default luajit instead of currently 5.1 ? Is there any problem using luajit beside it being in beta for now ?

I'm using default version: luajit-2.1.0-beta3

I asked randomly an user that showed me that, by default, he's also getting lua5.1 by default and not luajit:

games-engines/minetest-5.8.0  USE="client curl ncurses nls server sound -doc -leveldb -postgres -prometheus -redis -spatial -test" LUA_SINGLE_TARGET="lua5-1 -luajit"

(thanks to hangint3n)

Regards, Kévin GASPARD DE RENEFORT (talk) 13:49, 23 May 2024 (UTC)