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Testing version on stable system

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This discussion is done.

Have removed this paragraph since it's no longer necessary.

"This will install MATE 1.6 if you run a stable system and MATE 1.8 if you run a testing system; if you want MATE 1.8 on a stable system, use these /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords entries and then run the above command."

Not sure if the same site will have relevant info in the future about a testing version, so I'm putting it here for future reference. - dcljr (talk) 09:49, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Builds on ~arm64 (Raspberry Pi3) after keywording the required packages and fixing USE=gnome-keyring being masked. Its not failed yet but so far, testing is fairly minimal.

--NeddySeagoon (talk) 12:13, 7 March 2017 (UTC)

Mate ebuilds in main repo up to date

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This discussion is done as of 2023-12-23.

I have removed this paragraph since as of writing this (20.06.2020) the ebuilds in the main repo are on the latest version (1.24) and the overlay mate-de-gentoo contains a package that depends on python 3.6 which creates a blocker in current gentoo as it has moved to 3.7.

"As of end of 2019 most MATE ebuilds in the main repo are outdated, you can use the mate-de-gentoo overlay to get updated ebuild."

Tickeldi (talk) 02:31, 20 June 2020 (UTC)

Immolo (talk) 06:30, 21 December 2023 (UTC)