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wrong model

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This discussion is still ongoing.

The original poster provided links to two different models (by mistake). Both models have the same specifications, but the motherboards must be different. Due to similar specifications, it is impossible to determine which model it is.

The specifications of both models:

The links provided by the original poster:

--Lars Hint (talk) 21:09, 16 February 2024 (UTC)

Space at top

Lars Hint FYI: the space between {{ProductPage}} and the introductory paragraph is rendered.

Waldo Lemmer 14:53, 28 April 2024 (UTC)

Lars Hint Ping
Waldo Lemmer 14:54, 28 April 2024 (UTC)
Lars Hint Ping
Waldo Lemmer 14:54, 28 April 2024 (UTC)
Oh no --Lars Hint (talk) 14:55, 28 April 2024 (UTC)
Is that a problem? There should be an InfoBox anyway, I stick the template to it. --Lars Hint (talk) 14:58, 28 April 2024 (UTC)
If there's no space between it and the InfoBox, then it's fine.
Waldo Lemmer 15:01, 28 April 2024 (UTC)
Everything will be fine then. I will add the InfoBox later, as the issue mentioned in the discussion above needs to be resolved. --Lars Hint (talk) 15:06, 28 April 2024 (UTC)