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Issue with nepomuk service

I have an 'external' mysql server installed and so, I don't know how to deal with an 'internal' settings for the akonadi server. Backup your ~/.kde4 directory befor you'll start.

1. log into the mysql server as root

$ mysql -u root -p

password: <type your password for mysql user root>

2. Create a database for the akonadi server

mysql>CREATE DATABASE akonadi;

3. Create an akonadi user and grant him all the privileges on the akonadi database

mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON akonadi.* TO 'akonadiuser'@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '<type a password and not forget to remember it>';

4. It's time now to renew privileges database


5. Log off the mysql server


6. Start the Akonadi Server Configuration dialog by hitting ALT+F2 and typing 'akonadi server' in an input box appeared.

7. In the Akonadi Server Configuration dialog

 - choose 'Mysql' as the Database driver
 - do not check the 'Use internal MySQL server' checkbox
 - set the 'Database name' as 'akonadi'
 - set the 'Host' as 'localhost'
 - set the 'Username' as 'akonadiuser'
 - set the 'Password' to that you remember

8. Hit the 'Start' button then check for errors by pressing the 'Test' button. Correct all the errors befor you go to next step. Press 'OK' button to close the dialog window.

9. Hit ALT+F2 and type 'kmail-migrator --interactive'. Push keyboard 'Enter' key to run the script.

10. Run the kmail2. Do not start the migration process again, just cancel it. Follow the configure kmail dialog.

My configuration had worked bad (but it had worked!) till I've enabled the nepomuk service for desktop.

Sorry for bad English. Please, edit this if you are English carrier or just a proficient in that language. Thanks in advance.

-- User:Segah

We might need to list attributions

If we copy documents from other wiki's, we loose the history of the changes made to that document. This is a part of the license agreement (attribution). Right now, we link to the original document, but we might want to make this more formal.

For Gentoo docs, I added in an "Acknowledgements" section at the end. Ok to use a similar approach?