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Adding Guidance sheets

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I suggest adding Microcode Revision Guidance sheets to the wiki to reference proper codes returned by 'dmesg | grep microcode'. --- — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Butane (talkcontribs)

Intel Spectre Check

I was sort of unaware microcode is no longer automatically updated during booting until now. I had to use this guide to create the /boot/early_ucode.cpio for updating my Intel CPU on boot. I would strongly suggest putting a separate topic near the top of this article titled "Checking for Intel Spectre Meltdown", with the intent users install & run the app-admin/spectre-meltdown-checker program before and after implementing changes, verifying Intel CPU microcode is updated during initd as the dmesg and logs appear vacant of any updating information! This isn't my page and I don't just want to walk all over somebody else's work. The topic/paragraph should include a page link for creating the /boot/early_ucode.cpio file for Intel CPU users. --Roger (talk) 04:19, 2 April 2020 (UTC)