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Guide in process

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This discussion is still ongoing.

hope this can be a thorough guide.

I tried on my XPS 15 9550: a) adminCD boots normally with functional android usb tether, however there will be a VERY LOUD beep sound.. b) it requires git version of grub(and as of my installation, kernel version of 4.4.7) to recognize NVMe.

and after reboot i can't get usb tether(either android device or rj45-2-usb) work, nor WiFi..... tried compile with different options, didn't figure out why.

— The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ahxxm (talkcontribs) 28 April 2016‎

I will try as well not official Gentoo cd, but
— The preceding unsigned comment was added by Archenroot (talkcontribs) 29 April 2016
Very much looking forward to this! I've gotten my XPS 15 nearly fully configured, but I can't get the Skylake package into the PC8 sleep state. Let me know if you'd like to compare notes / kernel configs! --Bradlaue (talk) 12:38, 30 April 2016 (UTC)


Does anyone have audio issues still? Only thing I've noticed is that you have to be playing audio for audio output switching from speakers to headphones to work...