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PyCharm Community Edition is an open source, single-language integrated developer environment (IDE) for Python projects created by JetBrains. PyCharm features syntax and error highlighting, auto-indentation, code completion, spell check, and a built-in Python debugger.


USE flags

USE flags for dev-util/pycharm-community Intelligent Python IDE with unique code assistance and analysis

bundled-jdk Use bundled jdk


Install PyCharm:

root #emerge --ask dev-util/pycharm-community


Partition is mounted with no exec

The IDE cannot execute a test script in the directory. Possible reason: the partition is mounted with 'no exec' option.

user $ln -s /tmp /home/pych/.cache/JetBrains/PyCharmCE2023.1/tmp

No JDK found

If getting the following error message:

CODE ERROR: Cannot start PyCharm Community Edition:
No JDK found. Please validate either PYCHARM_JDK, JDK_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable points to valid JDK installation.

That means the JDK environment variables are not set properly.

If using bash:

FILE ~/.bashrc
export PYCHARM_JDK=`java-config -O`

If using fish:

FILE ~/.config/fish/conf.d/
set -x PYCHARM_JDK (java-config -O)

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