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This discussion is still ongoing.

wish to have a quick little definition/note about "packages with stale dependencies" / "stale dependencies"

ex from emerge manpageː installed packages for which the corresponding ebuild dependencies have changed since the packages were built.
Thanks — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jms (talkcontribs) 04:22, January 30, 2018‎

This doesn't make it clear to me yet. It seems to be not simple enough to fit in a single sentence. Occasionally I run into this issue with binary packages (--buildpkg/ quickpg, not the -bin-variants). According to a variety of dependencies exists. For example libreoffice depends on icu and glibc. Many atoms in the tree of dependencies of libreoffice also depend on glibc. What exactly causes a change follows complex rules. This does not only involve slots but also ABI changes and major upgrades.
This section also omits emerge option --rebuilt-binaries. I couldn't find an enlighting description. It has various effects depending on host (world set) and other options like -g. Also repeated execution yields the same list of packages to be rebuilt.
I assume that the entire topic of dependencies in conjunction with the plethora of emerge options does not fit on a single wiki page. And there are even cases where emerge cannot cross the street without human assistance, e.g. bug #372005 (so called pinned version) or User:Sam/Portage_help/Circular_dependencies And sometimes even the tools show white spots on the map. For example qlist – the most capable of all query tools – cannot decode all atoms correctly. (This is my personal opinion and maybe I'm only doing it wrong. But qlist -IRv '>=sys-apps/dbus[X]' yields a result whereas omitting the operator does not: qlist -IRv 'sys-apps/dbus[X]'. But exactly this atom pops up in DEPENDS for example of libreoffice and is absolutely valid evaluating to »any version of dbus as long as USE=X is given«. And I also assume that the operator-variant is broken, too as it should not evaluate at all lacking the version part.)
I am unable to edit the page. In the current form it still leaves the (average) reader with more questions than answers.--Onkobu (talk) 15:35, 2 January 2023 (UTC)