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»Share with others for free makes us… human after all.«

Somebody: »What's this?«
Another: »Open source.«
Somebody: »What does it do?«
Another: »Waste time, keep me from doing stupid things.«
Somebody: »Who is using it?«
Another: »Nearly everybody with a smartphone, tablet or computer.«
Somebody: »How much is it?«
Another: »It's for free.«
Somebody: »Why do I need to do stupid things then to earn money to pay my gadgets using free software?«
Another: »Why would everybody with such gadgets just give me a cent or a nickel or even a dime…without expectations?«
Somebody: »So YOU are stupid!«
Another: »You live in a world were it is also stupid to expect a dollar placed on a sidewalk to be there when you return a week later. I will pass by that dollar. It is not mine and I don't need it.«
Somebody: »You ARE stupid!«