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Question about excluding distfiles from rsync

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Offline Install, how to check and log as emerge installs?

I mention how it is not really a solution to have this kind of local rsync mirror.

Actually I wonder what is the rationale behind



exclude=distfiles/ packages/

Actually I understand packages may need to be excluded. But pls. why excluding the distfiles?

On a system of mine I have:

$ du -hs /usr/portage/

18G /usr/portage/


of which:

$ du -hs /usr/portage/distfiles/

17G /usr/portage/distfiles/


So what's the benefit for a network to spare the bandwith in not going online for the, true, slow syncing of text files (ebuilds and associates), but having to go online for the distfiles? Those may be slow, but are still less of a download that the distfiles: 1G to 17G, roughly.

Why exclude distfiles/ directory from rsyncing locally?

Or did I miss something?

On an afterthought, maybe here:



gives the solution, that is having distfiles being fetched not by rsync, but in a different manner...

It'd be a good thing to mention that in the article then. If noone else does, I'll do it, but in my next spare time.

Miroslav Rovis Zagreb, Croatia

— Preceding unsigned comment added by MiroR (talkcontribs)

Gentoo has separate rsync (=ebuild) and distfile mirrors on purpose: You need every ebuild while you certainly don't need every distfile (or can't even have fetch or mirror restricted ones). This guide explicitly talks about the former type of mirror.
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