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Adding eselect modules manually

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I would add how to test an in development eselect module. Something like:

eselect modules can be added manually to a Gentoo system. This is specially useful when an eselect module is being developed and needs to be tested.

Adding the eselect module to ~/.eselect/modules will make eselect aware of said module. 
Tip: The module can be a symlink, this will avoid the need to copy and paste the module every time a change is made

PS: Great article! It really came in handy. I found the example module to be very useful — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lemon-Lime (talkcontribs) 2023-06-02T17:05:41‎

I wouldn't recommend manually adding files to /usr/share which is a system directory. eselect has ~/.eselect/modules for the purpose adding local modules, e.g. for testing. We could consider adding a short section to the developer guide (which really lives in the eselect repository, this wiki page is kept in sync with it). Can you please file a bug in the "Gentoo Hosted Projects" product? --ulm (talk) 15:59, 2 June 2023 (UTC)
I will! Thanks for the piece of advice Ulm
@Ulm, just did ( By the way, could you provide a link to where the developer guide resides? I was unable to find it
Should be all set. Thanks for bringing it up. --ulm (talk) 18:47, 4 June 2023 (UTC)