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The information in this article is representative of former times and has been archived as of 2022-07-08. It can be used for reference, but is most likely not appropriate for current usage. Generally, archived articles should not be edited.

We have modified the way the {{USEflag}} template works.

Its old implementation was created using only capabilities of the MediaWiki markup language and parser functionality, resulting in a large performance overhead. Additionally, the USE flag data was copied manually into the Wiki in a hard-to-update format.

With the new template, we've integrating data from the new Gentoo Packages database into the Wiki. That means that whenever an article is updated, the latest USE flag information is integrated automatically and without incurring a performance problem in the Wiki parser setup.

Some of these changes require manual verification of the rendered result; we hope the community can assist us in this endeavour.

What do I need to do?

For every USEflag template found:

  • Ensure that there is only one USEflag template per package per page
    Background: As the old template was limited in the number of supported flags, authors often put multiple instances of the USEflag template with verbatim explanations inbetween
  • In the one instance you keep: remove all parameters besides package=

If there was no package= parameter, consider replacing the manually generated USE flag list with one for a relevant package, or remove the template altogether.


Convert instances of the {{USEflag}} template, currently found in these articles, as follows:

Old template:


New template:


(Note that most instances of this template will already have been converted.)


As always, please stop by the #gentoo-wiki (webchat) IRC channel, or email us (at of course) if you have any questions or experience any problems. If not, as always, we are thankful for your help in making the wiki a better place! :)