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For immediate release:

Gentoo Linux announces Gentoo Linux 2004.1

The Gentoo Linux Release Engineering team is proud to announce the release of Gentoo Linux 2004.1. Please consult our mirror index [1] for download locations and the Gentoo Linux Installation Handbook [2] for detailed installation instructions. Support for Gentoo Linux 2004.1 can be found through our user community by way of the Gentoo Forums [3], IRC [4], and various community mailing-lists [5]. Release notes for each architecture can be found linked from the Gentoo Linux Release Engineering project page [6].

Gentoo Linux 2004.1 highlights many bugfixes that enhance the usability and quality of all the release components. Much work has been done to improve the overall quality of the release, such as providing GPG signatures for security and online listings of what files are included in the installation stages, PackageCDs, and LiveCDs for each architecture. Additionally, Catalyst v1.0.7 [7], the Gentoo Linux release meta-tool, has undergone numerous improvements that have solidified its codebase.

Pre-packaged Gentoo Linux CD sets as well as well as an easy to use donation system are available through the Gentoo Linux store [8].

For more information, please contact the Gentoo Linux Release Engineering team at Thank you for choosing Gentoo Linux!