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This article serves as the definitive source for all 2004.1 information.


Main goals

Compared to earlier releases, 2004.0 went very well, but it surely was not perfect. There were some key areas that could have been more efficient, such as infrastructure management, communication from RelEng regarding release guidelines, and a better understanding of what constitutes a release. 2004.1 is going to put a polish coat on our current product by addressing all of these issues. Although not publicly referred to as such, 2004.1 is going to be a maintenance release on 2004.0. The main goal for 2004.1 will be to fix all of the bugs that were encountered with 2004.0. All other goals are secondary.

2004.1 will complete the following goals:

  • Clear and concise guidelines will be in place so that the release goes much more smoothly and enjoyably.
  • A better use of infrastructure by revamping the current way releases are coordinated to be put on the mirrors.
  • Catalyst enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Better communication from RelEng to the arch release coordinators, and vice-a-versa.
  • Internet based GRP for Portage's binary download and install functionality.
  • Completion of all items on the Feature Request list.

2004.1 specifics

Contacts and dates

The point of contact for all inquiries regarding RelEng operations will be John Davis (zhen). The fallback contact will be Daniel Robbins (drobbins).

For anything documentation related, please contact the releng Gentoo Documentation Project (GDP) liason, Sven Vermeulen (swift).

Dates and milestones for 2004.1 are as follows:

Milestone Description Deadline Status
Release ready version of catalyst ready Catalyst 1.0.5 will be stable in Portage, ready to build the release. April 1st Complete
Preliminary build is complete Release components are built and ready for testing April 11th Complete
Release components are on the release coordinator's devspace ( All release components must be available for RelEng to do final QA on April 18th Complete
Mirrors are staged RelEng will stage the mirrors April 22nd Complete
2004.1 Release 2004.1 is publicly released April 28th Complete

Feature request list

A feature request list for 2004.1 is available here.

To request a new feature, please contact the Release Operations Lead, who is currently zhen.

Architectures releasing

Tentatively, the following architectures are releasing 2004.1:

Architecture Subarch(es) Expected components for 2004.1 Release coordinator(s)
x86 x86, athlon-xp, pentium3, pentium4 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes beejay, seemant
amd64 amd64 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes avenj, jhuebel
ppc G3, G4, G5 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes pvdabeel
sparc sparc32, sparc64 LiveCDs, stages, GRP, Release Notes weeve, gustavoz
mips all supported sub-architectures Netboot install, stages, GRP, Release Notes kumba

If information regarding a specific arch is wrong or has been omitted, please contact the release operations manager.

Critical packages and files used in 2004.1

The following critical package versions are suggested by RelEng in order to try and reduce the confusion and stress level by promoting a unified and stable core set of critical packages. This package list is subject to change as QA uncovers bugs which are in turned addressed and fixed.

Package name Version Architecture
coreutils coreutils-5.2.0 All
baselayout baselayout- All
bootsplash 0.6-r11 x86, AMD64

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