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This article details instructions for potential new developers.

Quiz selection


The quiz questions are intended to ensure a deep understanding of Gentoo as a whole and specific development situations that you will likely encounter during your time as a Gentoo developer. It's perfectly acceptable to ask your mentor or other knowledgeable individuals for assistance with your quiz. When completed, answers should be mailed to along with other items mentioned on Recruiters.

Developer quiz

Developers who will be strictly working on infrastructure such as websites or the wiki, GLSAs, or other non-ebuild areas of the project should take the developer quiz. Those who submit this quiz will not have commit access to the Gentoo ebuild repository, but will be able to obtain all other benefits of being a Gentoo developer.

Note: Completing this quiz does not automatically grant access to every Gentoo project. Each new developer will need to follow the appropriate steps to join existing Gentoo projects.

Ebuild maintainer quiz

Developers who desire commit access to the Gentoo ebuild repository and/or will be performing ebuild development or maintenance tasks should take the ebuild maintainer quiz. This quiz is a super set of the developer quiz; it contains all questions of the aforementioned developer quiz, along with additional inquiries into the technical side of ebuild development.

Quiz-relevant documentation

Project-wide documentation

Gentoo Development Guide:

Developer relations documentation

ComRel policy: Policy

Metastructure documentation

Metastructure Project

GLEP Project

Miscellaneous documentation

Setting up and accessing your dev email: Developer e-mail

GnuPG guide: GnuPG

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