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When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: pesa, pinkbyte
  • Absent: kensington(announced),wired(announced),yngwin(announced),zlogene(unannounced)

1. Qt5 status

  • Tracker bug: bug #454132
  • Tentative target for main tree inclusion is Qt 5.2.1 (or 5.3?)
  • Progress with moving Qt4 binaries from /usr/bin to /usr/$(get_libdir)/qt4/bin (and handle things in eclasses properly - call qmake and friends with full path)?

2. Base eclass dependency in qt4-r2 eclass

Details in bug #497050 TODO by pinkbyte

3. Manpower (or lack thereof)

Pesa proposes to drop some packages no one cares about to maintainer-needed.

Announce in gentoo-dev maillist with list of packages, that vitally needed dedicated maintainers should be done. Also, examples of such packages should be added into our Staffing needs section.

4. Remaining TODO items from last time

  • The biggest remaining blocker is bug #451456 - this is not fixed upstream as we may have thought
  • We still need to move the wiki pages from gitorious to our project space on Yes check.png Done by yngwin

5. Open floor

QtDeclarative module split/naming question, raised by Sput. Current decision: stick to the non-ideal upstream naming scheme.